Richard (adgy) wrote in officekitano,

My turn!

What was your first experience of Takeshi Kitano?

Sonatine. I was browsing through some used VHS tapes at a local video store and I found it. I saw Quentin Tarantino's face on the box and I saw a Japanese man pointing a gun on the cover. Sold.

What is your favourite Kitano film that you've seen so far?

That's tough, but I'm going to say Fireworks (aka Hana-Bi). It has everything. It's funny, it's violent, it's sad, and it's extremely well done. After I watched that for the first time, it was love.

Do you prefer him as actor, director or comedian?

Also a tough call, but I'm going to say director. As an actor, every movie he's in is made a whole lot better just because he's in it (see Gonin or Izo), but I find that the thing I like best about his movies is his style of directing. I think it's genius.

What Kitano films do you own? (where he acts or directs)

Hoo boy. Bunches. The ones I've watched: Zatoichi, Sonatine, Fireworks, Dolls, Boiling Point, Gonin, Battle Royale, and Brother. Ones I haven't gotten around to watching but own: A Scene At The Sea, Kids Return, Violent Cop, Kikujiro, Getting Any?, and I think that's all of them. I've considered buying Johnny Mnemonic many times just for him, but haven't. Yet.

What is your opinion of Takeshi's Castle?

Never seen it, sadly. I wonder if there are bootlegs available of it out there somewhere? Mental note made.

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