pansy_burke (pansy_burke) wrote in officekitano,

Thanks for this community

What was your first experience of Takeshi Kitano?

Sonatine. With Violent Cop and Boiling Point right after it. I was totally stunned and fell in love instantly.

What is your favourite Kitano film that you've seen so far?

That's Hana-Bi. I've seen that about 20 times. My all time favorite movie. A real love story.

Do you prefer him as actor, director or comedian?

Definitely as director. He is a very great actor as well, but he's best in his own movies.
Btw. he's also a great painter. (The pictures in Hana-Bi were made by himself)

What Kitano films do you own? (where he acts or directs)

Sonatine, Boiling Point, Violent Cop, Scene At The Sea, Hana-Bi, Kikujiro, Dolls, Brother, A Scene At the Sea, Zatoichi.
Gonin, Battle Royal.

What is your opinion of Takeshi's Castle?

That was big fun. (Especially for Kitano himself).
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