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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Posted by:lovely_dictator.
Time:3:05 am.
Hi! Do you any of you know where can I download minna yatteruka (getting any?) film? I've searched it everywhere and I cant find it >.<
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Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Subject:Aaron Gerow's Kitano Takeshi (2007) (BMI World Directors)
Posted by:the_green_fish.
Time:11:29 pm.

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Gerow, Aaron. Kitani Takeshi. London: British Film Institute, 2007. 264 pgs.

Although at first destined to become an engineer like his elder brothers, the youngest of the Kitano clan, Takeshi, instead left the ivory tower of scholarship to work a number of menial jobs including that of a dishwasher and a taxi driver before embarking on his career as a comedian. At first, Kitano performed at small bars and strip clubs where alcohol and girls were the main draw, but after word of his quick wit and razor sharp tongue began to circulate, he joined with his comedic partner Kaneko Jiro, aka Beat Kiyoshi, to create the manzai duo of the Two Beats where he played the clown, boke, to Kaneko’s straight man, tsukkomi. The Two Beats were something that the manzai world had not seen before, and Kitano’s good natured vulgarity and rapid mind left others in the dust, including Beat Kiyoshi. As a solo artist, Kitano, or his persona of Beat Takeshi became a household name and he began appearing on more than ten television shows a week.

Although at first Beat Takeshi was primarily known as a television star, by the early 1980s he began appearing in films, most notably as the brutal Sgt. Hara in Oshima Nagisa’s film Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence. The brutality displayed by the character of Sgt. Hara became a trademark of Beat Takeshi’s acting in film, and when he took over the director’s chair for Violent Cop from noted yakuza film director Fukasaku Kinji, the violent nature of Kitano’s filmic characters became enmeshed within his directing style and thereby he produced some extraordinarily brutal films including the above mentioned Violent Cop, Boiling Point, and Fireworks. Yet, it would be too easy, and incorrect, to categorize Kitano as a director of violent yakuza films, because he also created quiet films such as A Scene at the Sea and family comedies such as Kikujiro. Who is this complex man behind such complex films? Yale professor of Japanese Cinema Aaron Gerow tries to shed some light on the enigmatic filmmaker Kitano Takeshi in his most recent book.

A few years before the release of Gerow’s book, the Japanese film critic Abe Casio released his book Beat Takeshi vs. Takeshi Kitano. Within this tome the author attempted to describe Kitano’s split personality. The television actor Beat Takeshi and the film director Kitano Takeshi and stated that through his filmic work the director was trying to kill off the actor. However, Gerow states that this duality of Kitano’s personality is too simple and that Kitano in fact has a third self, the being of Takeshi who manipulates the personas of Beat Takeshi and Kitano Takeshi to play with his audiences both domestic and abroad and skewers their expectations with each subsequent film that he releases, and thereby causing uproar in filmic circles both home and abroad.

With that being said, the first part of Gerow’s book is a fascinating sketch of Kitano’s multiple careers in comedy, television, film, and the printed word. He traces how Kitano’s comic style and almost complete disregard for the audience play into his filmmaking and how Kitano plays with his audience by thwarting their expectations when they think that they have him figured out. The second half of the book consists of chapters from Kitano’s debut film Violent Cop to his version of the blind masseuse Zatoichi with his more recent film Takeshis’ acting as opening and closing chapters of the book. The essays, heavily laden with film theory from Japanese, French, and American theorists do not make for easy reading and those who have not taken a couple of university level film classes or who do not view film outside of the purposes of entertainment, might find Gerow’s book to be a bit dense and theory laden, but for those interested in Kitano’s films, Japanese films, or fine filmmaking as a whole, this book would make a welcome volume to one’s library.
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Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Subject:Oh uhm .. . .
Posted by:nizsu.
Time:12:57 pm.
Uhm what happened to this community. Almost 2 years has passed and there is no new comment O.o
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Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

Posted by:odangochan.
Time:10:35 pm.
Kitano's new(ish) film TAKESHIS' will be released in the UK on the 6th October. I can't tell whether this is a cinema release or DVD, but I'm inclined towards the former.
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Sunday, March 19th, 2006

Subject:FINALLY! Blood & Bones with English subtitles!!!!
Posted by:adgy.
Time:3:02 pm.
Man, I have been waiting for this for a LONG time!

2 Disc set, with english subtitles. Only $14.99 at Sensasian.

Starring Kitano, but not directed by him. It was Japan's official entry for this year's Best Foreign Language film at the Academy Awards, but did not get nominated.

It will be seeing release in the US in June via Tartan films. I'm not sure if that's on DVD or theatrical.

But I can't wait that long.
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Friday, November 18th, 2005

Subject:I really want to see this frickin movie...
Posted by:adgy.
Time:4:12 pm.
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Sunday, October 2nd, 2005

Subject:Beat Takeshi vs. Takeshi Kitano
Posted by:city_of_walls.
Time:6:31 pm.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Abe Casio. Beat Takeshi vs. Takeshi Kitano. Trans. William O. Gardner and Takeo Hori. New York: Kaya Press, 2005. 287 pgs.

The first Kitano Takeshi film I watched was Kikujiro in one of my Japanese classes. Entranced by the delightful film, I decided that I wanted to watch other works by this comedic director. Hoping for a similar sense of enjoyment that I experienced while watching Kikujiro, I purchased A Scene at the Sea and Fireworks. Let me say that what I experienced watching these two films were quite different than the one I had watching Kikujiro. A Scene a the Sea is probably one of the most minimalist films that I have ever seen in both dialogue and action, but watching it was like being in a quiet meditation for one-hundred minutes and small parts of the film, such as when Takako folds Shigeru’s clothing or when the “Orange Woman” repeatedly asks a number of people to peel her fruit, are quite heartwarming. The ending of the film left me a bit melancholy, but it was tinged more with nostalgia than sadness. I then watched Fireworks which is a film that must be experienced more than once because the duel stories of Nishi and Horibe overlap more than one thinks upon the initial viewing.

Since then I watched several other Kitano Takeshi films and have enjoyed each in a different way be it the aesthetic beauty of Dolls or the ribaldry of Getting Any?. However, besides reading some short articles by Beat Takeshi that were, of course, more for fun than scholarly intent, I had yet to read a scholarly tome concerning Kitano’s body of work. Therefore I was very pleased to read the announcement that Abe Casio’s study Beat Takeshi vs. Kitano was going to be released in English. This was back in 2002 and so I waited and waited for the book to be released and after quite some time had passed, I forgot about it. However, one day, while randomly surfing the Internet, I came across the book and saw that it had been released, so I quickly ordered it and read it. It is quite good and I believe that both Kitano enthusiasts and Japanese film fans and scholars should read it.

Abe’s book is separated into two halves. Being that the book was originally released in 1994 and Kitano had only directed four films, Violent Cop, Boiling Point, A Scene at the Sea, and Sonatine, so the book at first glance seems to be less than comprehensive work, however, with ample information concerning Kitano’s work as an actor, Many Happy Returns, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, and his television work, Abe fills this supposed void. At any rate, the second half of the English edition of the book contains a number of articles concerning Kitano’s later films, Getting Any?, Fireworks, Kikujiro, Brother, and Dolls.

As made obvious by the title, Abe contrasts the dueling personalities of the larger-than-life comedian Beat Takeshi and the more subdued, almost gloomy persona embodied within the filmmaker Kitano Takeshi. Much of the earlier parts of the book mainly consist of Abe’s diatribes against Japanese television which he views as nothing more than a vapid waste of time consisting of little more than talk shows, travel shows, and cartoons. However, he also writes that television is dangerous because of its collective desire to homogenize a nation. It is within this miasma of pop-culture vacuity that the former manzai comedian Beat Takeshi raised to stardom, but he, along with his comic troop the Takeshi Gundan, or Takeshi Army, was able to prevent himself from being homogenized by his refusal to play along by television’s rules. However, because it is a tremendous force, Takeshi was not able defeat television, so when opportunity to direct Violent Cop knocked, Takeshi jumped upon it. Without worrying if his films would be hits, it was nearly impossible for any Japanese film to do well during the late 1980s and early 1990s, Kitano, as a director, was able to put his thoughts on screen, especially his relentless fascination with suicide.

Quite wordy and academic in nature, the names Walter Benjamin, Kierkegaard, Orikuchi Shinobu, etc. pop up quite often, one sometimes has to wage battle with Abe’s words to find his main ideas, but the book is a valuable and welcome edition to ones Japanese film bookshelf.
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Friday, September 30th, 2005

Subject:Full Takeshi's trailer now online!
Posted by:adgy.
Time:9:56 am.
It's embedded in the Official Site.

Watch it. It looks SO DAMN COOL. I cannot wait to see this.

Also. New poster:

EDIT: Also, Blood And Bones (aka Chi To Hone) has been chosen as Japan's official entry for the Best Foreign Film at the Oscars this year. The movie stars Kitano, but he did not direct it. If you go back a bit in the community, I posted a link for the French trailer which should still work.

I want to see this movie even worse than Takeshis.

EDIT AGAIN: Here is a small interview with Kitano about Blood And Bones.
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Wednesday, September 21st, 2005

Posted by:kusto.
Time:4:11 pm.
Greetings from Russia!
Let's be friends )))
Welcome takeshi_kitano
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Thursday, September 15th, 2005

Posted by:thescientistmrj.
Time:1:03 am.
Probably not the best news source, but Aint It Cool News has a run down of what Takeshi's is about here.
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Tuesday, September 6th, 2005

Subject:More 'Takeshis'
Posted by:adgy.
Time:1:59 pm.
Kitano says: "Today I saw the film again and it's terrible."

Reuters article about the movie.

""It is a funeral for the genres that I explored over the past dozen movies. In a sense, it is the last of a series," he said. "In Japanese, the title sounds like 'Takeshi's funeral'."

Now, the man who got his break as part of comedy duo "Two Beat," says he wants to have a go at the classics.

"After all, cinema has been around for more than a century. There are many great masters," said Kitano. "I feel like doing a very classical movie now, to challenge the giants."

Also, the owner/operator of kitanotakeshi.com shares some of his thoughts on the movie and also interviewed Kitano briefly.
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Friday, September 2nd, 2005

Posted by:adgy.
Time:1:05 pm.
Japan's Kitano Surprises Venice with Wacky New Film

Japanese cult director Takeshi Kitano baffled and enthralled Venice on [Friday] with the premiere of Takeshis', a surreal send-up of his eclectic career which weaves together the lives of a TV celebrity and his lookalike.

The surprise addition to a list of 19 films vying for the Venice Film Festival's top Golden Lion prize is a bewildering jaunt from smoky mah-jong parlors and noodle bars to showdowns between gun-slinging yakuza gangsters. Both the TV personality, Beat Takeshi, the name he takes as an actor, and the frustrated store attendant doppelganger, Takeshi Kitano, are played by the actor-director himself.

Cinema-goers are likely to be thrown off by Kitano's multiple personas and emerge confused from what the director himself describes as a multi-layered Baumkuchen cake. But, he says with a smile, that is beside the point. I want the spectators to feel like they are in another dimension of reality. I don't want my audience to understand every detail, said Kitano, who won the Golden Lion in 1997 for his film Hana-Bi, or Fireworks.

It's like one of my characters says, 'don't think too much, it's just a film,' he told Reuters.

The film borrows heavily from Kitano's gangster characters and scenes in earlier movies, from his debut Violent Cop to Zatoichi, which won the Venice Silver Lion in 2003. But this time, the bitter comedy is stronger than his customary bursts of violence.

Kitano says he hoped to use the film to close off the type of cinema that has made the prolific artist a cult name outside Japan, where he remains best known for his TV work. It is a funeral for the genres that I explored over the past dozen movies. In a sense, it is the last of a series, he said. In Japanese, the title sounds like 'Takeshi's funeral.'

Now, the man who got his break as part of comedy duo Two Beat, says he wants to have a go at the classics. After all, cinema has been around for more than a century. There are many great masters, said Kitano. I feel like doing a very classical movie now, to challenge the giants.

Takeshis' Website now has a trailer. Looks AWESOME.
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Monday, August 29th, 2005

Subject:beat takeshi poll
Posted by:llivejournal.
Time:12:29 am.
Takeshi Kitano was today's featured director at dailydirector. Click here to vote. And the community needs more members, so please join if interested.
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Sunday, June 26th, 2005

Subject:Minnâ-yatteruka! (Getting Any?)
Posted by:synchronizelove.
Time:12:04 am.
i just bought this film, and although i enjoyed it immensely, the ending left me feeling a little... unfulfilled...
can anyone here explain the ending to me?!
it seems like takeshi ran out of money so that's why there was an abrupt ending? [i know this probably isnt the case, but yeah... lol]

btw.. just joined the community.
looking forward to reading everyone's posts :)
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Sunday, June 19th, 2005

Posted by:adgy.
Time:11:44 am.
The French trailer for Blood And Bones, starring Mr. Kitano, is available here. Only has French subtitles, but... still.

This movie is near the very top of my list of most anticipated movies. As soon as I find a copy of it with English subtitles I am ALL OVER IT. I've heard nothing but great things about the movie, and that trailer there leads me to believe that they are all true.

I can't wait to see it.
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Monday, June 6th, 2005

Posted by:zyvy.
Time:10:35 am.
Did anybody know, what music played on mobile phone in first novel?
I want it!
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Tuesday, May 24th, 2005

Subject:New Movie!
Posted by:adgy.
Time:7:41 pm.

I love the tagline: "500% Kitano - Nothing to add!"

Kitano is currently shooting his next film. The title will be Takeshis', and the only info about the film is, that it will be "500 per cent Kitano" and that Kitano himself will act in it. Kitano is expecting the film to be ready for post production in August, and depending on how long the post production will take, it will premiere either in Pusan, Venice or Toronto. The Japanese premiere will be in the autumn of 2005.

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Subject:Thanks for this community
Posted by:pansy_burke.
Time:12:04 am.
What was your first experience of Takeshi Kitano?

Sonatine. With Violent Cop and Boiling Point right after it. I was totally stunned and fell in love instantly.

What is your favourite Kitano film that you've seen so far?

That's Hana-Bi. I've seen that about 20 times. My all time favorite movie. A real love story.

Do you prefer him as actor, director or comedian?

Definitely as director. He is a very great actor as well, but he's best in his own movies.
Btw. he's also a great painter. (The pictures in Hana-Bi were made by himself)

What Kitano films do you own? (where he acts or directs)

Sonatine, Boiling Point, Violent Cop, Scene At The Sea, Hana-Bi, Kikujiro, Dolls, Brother, A Scene At the Sea, Zatoichi.
Gonin, Battle Royal.

What is your opinion of Takeshi's Castle?

That was big fun. (Especially for Kitano himself).
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Wednesday, May 18th, 2005

Subject:My turn!
Posted by:adgy.
Time:11:20 pm.
What was your first experience of Takeshi Kitano?

Sonatine. I was browsing through some used VHS tapes at a local video store and I found it. I saw Quentin Tarantino's face on the box and I saw a Japanese man pointing a gun on the cover. Sold.

What is your favourite Kitano film that you've seen so far?

That's tough, but I'm going to say Fireworks (aka Hana-Bi). It has everything. It's funny, it's violent, it's sad, and it's extremely well done. After I watched that for the first time, it was love.

Do you prefer him as actor, director or comedian?

Also a tough call, but I'm going to say director. As an actor, every movie he's in is made a whole lot better just because he's in it (see Gonin or Izo), but I find that the thing I like best about his movies is his style of directing. I think it's genius.

What Kitano films do you own? (where he acts or directs)

Hoo boy. Bunches. The ones I've watched: Zatoichi, Sonatine, Fireworks, Dolls, Boiling Point, Gonin, Battle Royale, and Brother. Ones I haven't gotten around to watching but own: A Scene At The Sea, Kids Return, Violent Cop, Kikujiro, Getting Any?, and I think that's all of them. I've considered buying Johnny Mnemonic many times just for him, but haven't. Yet.

What is your opinion of Takeshi's Castle?

Never seen it, sadly. I wonder if there are bootlegs available of it out there somewhere? Mental note made.

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Subject:My humble introduction
Posted by:hangedwoman.
Time:8:59 pm.
Cut for your pleasureCollapse )
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